New Library Updates

Installing the shelving in the new library was delayed for a couple of weeks, but it is full steam ahead now.  This coming Monday, January 4th, library staff will be working with the moving company to start the process of moving all 87,000 items to the new library.  We are hopeful the predicted nicer weather holds to be true.  While we waiting for the shelving company, we were able to get over half of the books on to carts to prepare for the move.  We also moved EVERYTHING else to the new building. It was nice to be able to get that done. 

There are still several items in the building that need to be completed, besides moving the books, but we appreciate how quickly everyone is working to get it all done.  That being said, it is still going to be a little bit before we are able to open back up the opening date will be here before you know it.  We appreciate everyone’s patience while we get this beautiful building ready to go. 

Please remember you can continue to visit us online to check out e-books or visit one of our other three branches to get more books!  If you need assistance, you are welcome to call.  Jasper’s phone calls are automatically being transferred to the Ferdinand Branch so you can receive immediate assistance.

We will keep you updated and will see you soon!

Be sure to sign up for the Winter Reading Program which runs the entire month of January online.

Happy New Year!