Automatic Renewals Start May 25!

The Jasper-Dubois County Public Library is now offering automatic renewals!


What is automatic renewal? Beginning on May 25, 2022, you will no longer have to remember to renew any books, DVDs, or other physical items you have borrowed from the library. If the item is eligible to be renewed, it will be automatically renewed for you on its due date.

Will I have a shorter overall loan period? No. This will not impact your original checkout length.

Which items automatically renew? Most physical items borrowed (books, DVDs, audiobooks, games, music CDs etc.) are eligible for automatic renewals.

What items are NOT eligible for automatic renewal? Common reasons why an item cannot be renewed include:

  • There is a waiting list
  • The item has reached its renewal limit or is not eligible to be renewed
  • Your account is blocked due to overdue items and/or bills owed

If an item did not automatically renew and I don’t return it on time, are there still fines? Our libraries are fine free.  You are only charged fines when the item is considered lost/long overdue.  We do ask that you return the item as soon as possible in consideration of other patrons who may wish to borrow the item.

Will I still receive a notice that items are coming due? Yes, if you have opted in to receive notifications, you will receive a courtesy renewal notice two days before the item’s due date.

Will I get a notice that items have been renewed? Yes. The notice will provide the new due dates for each item and the number of renewals used. To ensure you receive these notices, please check that your contact information is current in your account. Speak with a library staff member if you have any questions about how to update your contact information.

Do I have to sign up for automatic renewals? No. This is an automated service through the library and requires no sign up on your part.

What if I don’t want the items renewed? Is it optional? You cannot opt out of auto-renewals, but of course, you can return items as soon as you are finished with them, regardless of due date. Auto-renewals will occur automatically for any eligible items as long as the library account is in good standing.