Tutor List


The Library has made no attempt to confirm the information provided. The Library makes no assurance regarding tutor qualifications. The Library has made no review of the character or criminal history of those individuals listed. For more information contact the tutor directly. The Library does not call, contact, or schedule tutors.

Tutor's Name Phone Education Subjects Grades Availability Fee
Hilary Bonilla 812-630-5995 BS, BA, RN Spanish 5th and up Evenings $20
Patty Brosmer 812-634-1798 Master's Any 5th-16th Flexible Ask
Melanie Calvert 812-482-9725 BA Any K-6th Flexible $15
Nicole Collins 812-634-7402 BS Chemistry, Math, Science 9th-12th Flexible $20
Gregory Gwin 812-556-8016 M. Ed. Reading 1st and up Flexible Ask
Anita Hendrickson 812-634-9633 Master's English, Writing, Literature 5th-12th Evenings except Mondays $30
Ryan Hopf 812-631-9113 BS Chemistry Math, Science, Physics Any Flexible $20
Chris Johannes 812-686-0816 BA German/Journalism German, English, Math 6th and up Flexible, first session free $25
Gardenia Juarez 812-827-4456 Some college Spanish, Math, History, Vocabulary, Study Skills K-6 Tues-Thurs 3-8 PM; Sat & Sun 12-5 PM $15
Carissa King 812-631-9145 AA Math, English, Science, Reading Any Flexible $8
John King 812-827-2289 Master's German, Spanish, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 5th-12th Weekdays after school None
Manjari Lokender 937-689-5152 In college SAT prep 9th-12th Any day after 3 PM None
Giomathi Naddarajan 920-489-0035 Master's Math, English, Reading K-5th Flexible Ask
Sara Powell 812-630-9079 Master's Any K-6th Flexible $25
Libby Richardson 812-449-4655 Master's Language Arts Pre K-4th After school $25
Walter Roberts 218-449-4655 MD, Ph.D Math, Physics, Science 7th and up Most evenings Ask
Austin Russell 903-203-1100 GED Any, Math specialty Any Mon-Fri afternoons, weekends $20
Denise Schnell 812-639-8356 BS, 1 Brain Faculty Any All Flexible $20
Shane Sturm 812-482-7910 BA Geometry, Algebra I & II, Trigonometry 7th-12th Afternoons $30
Erin Terwiske 812-630-1912 BA Language Arts, Any K-9th Mon-Fri Flexible $20-25
Kyla Thomas 812-482-9560 BS Any K-8th Mainly evenings $15
Bonnie Walling 812-639-8961 Master's Reading (K-4th), Math (K-3rd) K-4th Saturdays, Mon-Thurs after 6 PM $20
Ken Ziegler 812-631-2262 Master's Biology, Chemistry, English 6th-9th Flexible Ask
Julia Zipp 812-827-3643 BA French/English French, English, Phonics, Reading, Writing K-12th Flexible Ask

The above information was gathered and published with permission of the tutors listed.