Tutor List

Tutor's Name Phone Education Subjects Grades Availability Fee
Hilary Bonilla 812-630-5995 BS, BA, RN Spanish 5th and up Evening $20
Patty Brosmer 812-634-1798 Master's Any 5th-16th Flexible Ask
Melanie Calvert 812-482-9725 BA Any K-6th Flexible $15
Nicole Collins 812-634-7402 BS Chemistry, Math, Science 9th-12th Flexible $20
Tina Freyberger 812-630-6934
Bachelor's Math, Language Arts, Pre-Algebra K-8 Flexible $20
Mallory Hall 812-631-3907 Master's Any Any Flexible $25
Christine Hemmerlein 812-661-7461 High School Math, reading K-4 Afternoons Ask
Anita Hendrickson 812-634-9633 Master's English, Writing, Literature 5th-12th Evenings except Mondays $30
Kaylee Howard 812-482-4068 8th Grade Math, Science 1st-5th Tuesday/Thursday 5-8 PM $8
Carissa King 812-631-9145 AA Math, English, Science, Reading Any Flexible $8
John King 812-827-2289 Master's German, Spanish, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 5th-12th Weekdays after school None
Venita Lucchi 812-556-5069 BA Any, especially study skills 3rd-6th Flexible $8
Denise Schnell 812-639-8356 BS, 1 Brain Faculty Any All Flexible $20
Mrs. Shane Sturm 812-482-7910 BA Geometry, Algebra I 9th-12th Afternoons $20
Erin Terwiske 812-630-1912 BA Language Arts, Any K-9th Mon-Fri Flexible $20-25
Kyla Thomas 812-482-9560 BS Any K-8th Mainly evenings $15
Bonnie Walling 812-639-8961 Master's Reading (K-4th), Math (K-3rd) K-4th Saturdays any, Mon-Thurs after 6 PM $20
Ken Ziegler 812-631-2262 Master's Biology, Chemistry, English 6th-9th Flexible Ask
Julia Zipp 812-631-9631 BA French, English, Phonics, Reading, or any K-12th Flexible $20

The above information was gathered and published with permission of the tutors listed.