Genealogy & Research Fees

Due to the increasing demand of Genealogy and/or Research Services via telephone, mail, and e-mail from persons outside the Library's legal service area, the Jasper Public Library has established a schedule of fees to be charged for these services. Fees will be charged for the Librarian's research time as well as for any copies, faxes, or postage expenses. Charges for research time will include the time to find the information, make copies, send faxes, and/or prepare items for mailing.

If the research time takes less than 15 minutes, no fee will be charged for research time, however fees for copies, faxes, postage, will still be assessed.

All applicable fees must be paid in advance by the patron before the results of the Librarian's research are released.

Fees will not be charged to:

Fee Schedule





To contact a librarian about genealogy/research, please call (812) 482-2712 or e-mail Reference Librarian Jill Watson at .