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2018 April 4 Dubois Library program features popular astrologist
2018 April 3 April is Amnesty Month at the Jasper-Dubois County Libraries
2018 March 29 Dubois/Jasper libraries to host author Laura Bates
2018 February 13 Birds of prey to visit Dubois Branch Library on Saturday, February 24
2018 January 5 4-H Night at Jasper Public Library
2018 January 2 January events at the Birdseye Brand (sic) Library
2018 January 2 Dubois Branch Library events for January
2018 January 2 Ferdinand Brand (sic) Library event schedule for January
2018 January 2 Jasper Public Library events for January
2018 January 2 Public can now see design for the Jasper Arts portion of the Cultural Center; input still sought
2017 December 14 Library design features revealed for public comment
2017 October 31 Dubois Library Brick fundraiser coming to an end
2017 October 30 Birdseye Branch Library activities for November
2017 October 30 Dubois Branch Library activities in November
2017 October 30 November Events at the Ferdinand Branch Library
2017 October 30 Jasper Public Library events for November
2017 October 17 Jasper Library: Strategic plan to be unveiled
2017 October 12 City and library purchase ERA building property next to Cultural Center
2017 October 3 A Grave Interest at Jasper Library
2017 October 3 Birdseye Library October Events
2017 October 3 Dubois Branch Library October events
2017 October 3 Jasper Public Library October events
2017 September 12 Jasper's economic story map launched
2017 August 17 If you got solar eclipse glasses from Ferdinand Library, check them; 97 pairs distributed considered unsafe
2017 August 11 Hoosier Hills donates $30,000 to Jasper LEADS
2017 July 25 Activities at the Birdseye Branch Library-August 2017
2017 July 17 Jasper Library: Seeking business for Cultural Center building and reviewing contracts
2017 July 12 New director, new directions for future of Jasper Arts
2017 May 30 Jasper-Dubois Contractual Library to help with children's summer food program
2017 May 18 Jasper Downtown renovation stalls again; Cultural Center moves forward
2017 May 17 #GiveWhereYouLiveJasper just a taste of what Jasper's future holds
2017 May 15 Old National Bank Foundation awards $75,000 to Jasper LEADS
2017 May 4 The Very Big Show (of Support) talent lineup
2017 May 2 #GiveWhereYouLiveJasper campaign includes many businesses and activities
2017 April 27 Jasper Library seeking input for strategic planning
2017 April 17 Harry Homeless Hippie donates to 9 organizations
2017 April 13 Harry Homeless Hippie passes through Dubois County on 92-county, 100-city mission
2017 April 4 Give Where You Live pairs fun with philanthropy for the public
2017 March 7 Will Read and Sing's reaches $100,000; where's all that money gone
2017 February 14 George Washington to visit Ferdinand Library for special event
2017 January 13 Jasper Library Board: Appraisal reveals savings on property
2016 December 9 Jasper Library Board to purchase Hoosier Desk property by end of year
2016 December 5 Jasper Library Director: Right where she belongs
2016 November 25 Jasper Library to present program on Medicare Coverage
2016 November 14 German American pledges $500,000 to support Jasper Public Library
2016 November 10 Jasper Library Board begins steps to purchase property
2016 November 9 Library debate done, project moves forward
2016 October 20 Friends of the Arts dedicates $100,000 to library/arts endeavor to create Cultural Center
2016 October 18 Springs Valley Bank & Trust donates $105,000 to Jasper library/arts efforts
2016 October 11 Will Read and Sing raises $1,100 for Friends of the Jasper Public Library
2016 October 11 Community Foundation donates $75,000 to support library programming
2016 October 10 Letter: Library is a bargain
2016 October 4 Will Read and Sing for Food Library-themed writing contest finalists announced
2016 September 21 Vote Yes: Supporters rally for new Jasper Library
2016 September 13 Brick sale supports Dubois Library
2016 September 8 Jasper Cultural Center designs revealed
2016 September 7 Jasper Community Arts: Fundraising for Cultural Center nears halfway point; referendum passage imperative
2016 August 11 Need a special cake pan; check one out at the library
2016 July 15 Jasper Library: Referendum question approved; fundraising efforts up to $2.7 million
2016 June 10 Jasper Library: March to referendum continues; new website answers many questions
2016 May 19 Jasper Cultural Center bond research approved
2016 May 12 Thyens kickstart $8 million campaign with $1.7 million challenge
2016 May 5 Jasper Library adds 54 new magazines to digital services
2016 April 18 Letter: Jasper Library should expand into the schools
2016 April 15 Jasper Library decides to seek 15-year-bond on referendum
2016 March 29 Jasper Library reveals property tax costs for new library
2016 March 15 One-time disbursement brings $4.7 million to county taxing entities
2016 March 10 Jasper Library Board: Big decisions coming soon
2016 February 23 National consultant to assist Jasper Library's cause
2016 January 14 Library Board continues steps to clarify vision for Hoosier Desk project
2016 January 5 Arts Commission and Library Board decide to seek input from private developers
2016 January 4 Get a free pass to Indiana's state parks at local libraries (they probably have a couple guidebooks too)
2015 December 15 Cultural Center receives $3.5 million tax credit
2015 December 14 Jasper Library Board: Cultural Center tax credits next big step
2015 December 1 Jasper Arts: Hoosier Desk partnership and plans moving forward
2015 October 12 Library board working on path to 2016 referendum
2015 October 12 Birds of Prey at Dubois Branch Library
2015 October 7 Jasper America's Best Community Group holds Facebook contest
2015 September 24 Council Supportive of Hoosier Desk partnership but wallet remains closed
2015 September 16 Antique Appraisal Day at Dubois Library
2015 September 15 Jasper Library decides to pursue the Hoosier Desk site for the future of the library
2015 September 10 Hoosier Desk site recommended for 25% tax credit
2015 September 2 Jasper Arts: Hoosier tax credit application completed
2015 August 13 Jasper Library Board decides to go it alone for now
2015 July 29 Jasper Library: Research into the Hoosier Desk site continues
2015 July 9 Masonry expert's opinion; Hoosier Desk in pretty good shape
2015 July 9 Asking price known but not made public; board decides to appraise Hoosier Desk
2015 July 8 Letter to the Editor: Hoosier Desk is an investment in the future of Jasper
2015 July 6 Hoosier Desk Cultural Center design and cost revealed
2015 June 23 Structural engineering report on Hoosier Desk building completed
2015 June 9 Hoosier Desk full of potential but needs a lot of work
2015 June 3 Talks continue on Hoosier Desk collaborative project with Jasper Library
2015 May 25 Ferdinand Library hosts mental health series
2015 May 15 Decision for Jasper Library site a step closer
2015 May 6 Jasper Arts: Potential library partnership discussed
2015 May 1 Ferdinand Library hosts mental health series
2015 April 9 Jasper Library: Both options for 2016 referendum being explored
2015 April 7 Flooding cancels Jasper Library Computer Assistance Class
2015 April 3 Gambling money to pay for Hoosier Desk study
2015 March 27 Ferdinand Library hosts series of mental health seminars
2015 March 13 Jasper Library in hot pursuit of making 2016 referendum
2015 March 4 Jasper Arts Commission agrees to fund portion of Hoosier Desk plan
2015 February 6 Library board places ball in city's court in regards to Hoosier Desk movement
2015 February 16 Dubois REC seeking local groups for Operation Round Up grants
2015 January 9 Jasper Library Board cautious about city collaboration over Hoosier Desk
2015 January 7 Jasper Arts: Arts and Library combined effort promising for Hoosier Desk
2015 January 5 Birdseye Book Club to begin Tuesday
2014 December 5 Jasper Library Board hears background on 3 proposed sites
2014 December 2 Jasper Library sets meetings to review potential library sites
2014 December 2 Libraries closed Friday
2014 October 10 Community support essential as board takes building recommendations under consideration
2014 September 30 Retirement party planned for Jasper Library Director
2014 September 10 Ferdinand Library change of hours
2014 July 30 Jasper Library building group approaching final recommendations
2014 June 24 Library Building Committee Trudges Along
2014 June 9 Jasper Library Board Meeting Notes June 5, 2014
2014 May 12 Upcoming library closures in Jasper, Ferdinand and Dubois
2014 May 8 Jasper Library Board meeting: May 8, 2014
2014 April 29 Jasper Library Board volunteer group formed; meetings will be open to public
2014 April 28 Jasper Library begins expansion exploration process again
2014 April 17 Jasper Library Board to meet about building committee
2014 April 15 Lives change @ your library: celebrate National Library Week April 13-19
2014 April 6 "What's your story?" Memoir writing workshop
2014 April 2 Ferdinand Library activities for April 2014
2014 March 6 Library taking overdue book borrowers to court
2014 March 6 Jasper Library Board begins building process again
2014 February 14 Jasper Library meeting minutes: Seeking new bookkeeper
2014 January 10 Jasper Library begins to look at expansion
2013 December 5 $65,000 in fines forces Jasper Library to sue
2013 November 8 Jasper Library Board meeting notes; November 7
2013 October 18 Ferdinand Library recognizes veterans with Our Heroes' Tree
2013 September 30 Jasper Library offers free genealogy programs in October for Family History Month
2013 September 20 Dubois Branch Library offers free Mountain Dulcimer Classes
2013 August 9 Jasper Library summer reading program inspired 49,000 hours of reading
2013 March 29 Jack's Photos: Jasper Library crafts
2013 February 8 Meeting notes: Jasper Library Boards meeting info
2013 January 23 Volunteers sought to give away free books
2013 January 2 Jasper Library reopens after extensive renovations
2012 December 26 Jasper Library reopening delayed
2012 December 7 Jasper Library renovations on schedule
2012 November 26 Jasper Library closing for renovations
2012 November 9 Jasper Library Board expresses interest in Country Club property proposal
2012 November 8 Ferdinand Library design wins another award
2012 October 8 Big changes coming for Jasper Library in December
2012 September 17 Jasper Contractual and Public Library meeting notes - September 13
2012 August 3 Jasper Library pursuing improvements of existing library
2012 July 17 Dubois REC and Jasper Public Library team up
2012 June 26 Jasper School Board seeking candidates for Jasper Library Board
2012 June 13 New library point of pride for Birdseye
2012 June 8 Birdseye Contractual Library to open Tuesday
2012 June 8 Jasper Library Board to purchase Gramelspacher-Gutzweiler House
2012 May 4 Frustrated public addresses Jasper Library Board on lack of action for new library
2012 May 4 Four proposals presented for interim relief of Jasper library crowding
2012 April 23 Area libraries taking part in million book giveaway
2012 April 6 Jasper Public Library installing security cameras
2012 April 6 Jasper Public Library still considering options, Old National building not going to work
2012 March 9 Dubois and Ferdinand Library featured in American Libraries Magazine
2012 February 3 Jasper Public Library Board meeting - Executive and public meeting set in regards to "property acquisition"
2012 January 18 Weather keeping you indoors - download a book from the library
2012 January 9 Creating a living online history with photos is a big project for Jasper Public Library
2012 January 6 Jasper Library Board may be losing member and strong proponent to new library
2012 January 6 Jasper Contractual Library Board meeting - Jan 5
2011 December 2 Jasper Library Board lays South Newton location to rest; Hewitt promises new direction by March
2011 November 10 Ferdinand Library featured in education interiors showcase honoring the nation's best learning environments
2011 November 9 Jasper says no to library question
2011 November 4 Letter to the Editor - Library Myths
2011 November 4 Jasper Library board talks lighting, pay raises, and cost estimates from Universal Design
2011 October 7 Another contentious library meeting as vote approaches
2011 September 30 New library proposal incites mixed feelings within Jasper community
2011 September 21 Jasper Public Library wants your old family pictures - updated
2011 July 12 Library Closed Today July 12th due to heat
2011 July 6 The Library Bond wording changed by the State Board Accounts and the Department of Local Government Finance
2011 July 6 Jasper Public Library closing early today due to air conditioning failure
2011 June 10 Recent Library Board meeting tame in comparison
2011 May 25 Tom Birk pleads case and flips all but one library board member to approve referendum vote this November
2011 April 28 The Jasper Library debate continues; split down middle

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News Now Dubois County

Date Link to Article
2017 November 5 November Busy Month For Jasper Library Book Cellar
2017 August 11 Hoosier Hills Donates To Community Fund Drive To Help Jasper Cultural Center Effort
2017 July 19 Cultural Center Seeking New Owner/Tenant For Former Boiler Building (w/AUDIO)
2017 April 18 "Homeless Hippie" Donates To Local Non-Profit Organizations
2017 April 10 Jasper LEADs Announces "GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE!" Community-wide Campaign Day
2017 January 3 "One-Room Schoolhouse" Will Tie In With New Cultural Center (w/AUDIO)
2016 December 30 Vonderheide; "The Site Is Ours!"
2016 November 14 German American Pledges $500,000 To Jasper LEADS
2016 November 9 Jasper One Giant Leap Closer To New Library; Cultural Center (VIDEO)
2016 November 8 Republicans Win Big Locally; Both Referendums Pass Overwhelmingly!
2016 October 20 Library Effort Gets Another Major Financial Gift
2016 October 20 Springs Valley Bank & Trust Pledges To Cultural Center; Jasper LEADS Effort
2016 October 11 DC Commununty (sic) Foundation Announces Investment In Proposed Jasper Cultural Center
2016 September 29 Cultural Center On Tour (VIDEO)
2016 September 22 Library Town Hall Meeting Tonight; Will Be Televised LIVE on NNDC
2016 September 9 Cultural Center Conceptual Plans Unveiled
2016 September 6 Referendum "Language" Approved For November Ballot In Dubois County
2016 June 14 New Library Website Answers Questions; Clears up Misconceptions (AUDIO)
2016 May 11 Thyens Donate "Lead Gift" In LEAD Effort For Downtown Projects (VIDEO)
2016 May 6 Jasper Library Now Offering Digital Magazines
2016 January 5 Genealogy Program Thursday At Jasper Library
2015 December 15 Cultural Center Tax Credits Approved
2015 December 2 Be Heart Smart Program Scheduled Next Month
2015 November 10 Municipal Offices, Libraries Closed On Veterans Day
2015 October 19 Star Wars Return to Jasper Library (VIDEO)
2015 October 2 Jasper's "America's Best Communities" Committee Hosting Facebook Contest
2015 September 29 Antique Appraisals Saturday at Dubois
2015 September 21 Fall Storytime Underway at Jasper Library (VIDEO)
2015 September 15 Hewitt Changes Heart; Votes to Relocate Library To Former Factory (VIDEO)
2015 September 11 Jasper Library Board To Vote Monday On New Site (VIDEO)
2015 August 14 Jasper Library Board To Negotiate Price For Former Hoosier Desk Building; No Decision Has Been Made (with VIDEO)
2014 August 4 Jasper Hosting "ABC" Community Celebration This Thursday
2015 July 27 "Will Read & Sing For Food" Show Saturday Night Featuring Kelly Schaefer (PHOTO GALLERY)
2015 July 24 Will Read & Sing For Food Show Moves To Shiloh Church Tomorrow Night
2015 July 8 UPDATED: As Decision Nears; Arts Prez Says This Is A "Good Deal For Jasper!" (VIDEO)
2015 July 7 Hoosier Desk Renovation; Rehabilitation & Remodeling Estimates Unveiled
2015 June 23 231-Page Hoosier Desk Building Report Highlights Several Concerns Including An Unstable Wall
2015 June 22 Free Celtic Music Concert Thursday
2015 June 13 Something Old Is "New" Again; Nearly 150 Years Of Old Local Yearbooks Now Online (VIDEO)
2015 June 11 New Partner Creating New "Synergy" For Embattled Jasper Library Board (VIDEO)
2015 June 9 Jasper Cultural Campus? If The Price Is Right! (VIDEO)
2015 May 25 Summer Reading Program Begins May 26 At Birdseye Library
2015 March 13 Letter Points Out Concerns In Renovating Hoosier Desk Building
2015 February 17 New Jasper Library; Arts Center Configurations Released As Board Considering Use Of Former Hoosier Desk Building
2014 October 10 Committee Recommends Same Sites To Consider; But Change The "Focus" Of The Discussion (VIDEO)
2014 April 29 Jasper Library Board Picks "Volunteer Committee"
2014 April 23 Jasper To Add Stop Sign At 11th And Main Streets
2014 March 7 Jasper Library Board Approves New Late Fee Collection Process
2013 October 31 Birdseye Library Announces November Activities

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WITZ 990 AM/104.7 FM & WQKZ 98.5 FM

Date Link to Article
2018 April 3 April is Amnesty Month at the Jasper-Dubois County Libraries
2017 September 12 Jasper Unveils New "Story Map"
2016 November Jasper Library Takes First Steps Forward
2016 October 20 Friends of Arts Makes Grant to Cultural Center
2016 October 11 Dubois County Community Foundation Makes Endowment to Jasper Library
2016 September 29 Library Meeting at the Cabby O'Neill Gym
2016 September 9 Drawings and Plans for Cultural Center Revealed
2016 September 7 Jasper Community Arts Commission Board Meeting
2016 August 12 Jasper Library Board Meeting
2016 July 15 Jasper Library Board Meeting
2016 June 10 Jasper Library Board Approves Seeking Bond for Library
2016 May 20 Ward Adds Voice to Jasper LEADs
2016 May 19 Jasper City Council Approves Arts Commission Request to Move Ahead on Jasper Cultural Center
2016 May 13 Jasper Library Board Meeting
2016 April 15 Jasper Library Board Puts Referendum in Motion
2016 March 10 Jasper Library Board Discusses Cultural Center Issues
2016 February 24 Jasper Cultural Center Meeting
2016 February 3 Jasper Arts Commission Board Meeting
2015 December Jasper Cultural Center Awarded Tax Credits
2015 December Jasper Library Board Meeting
2015 November Jasper Arts Board Meeting
2015 November Library Board Reviews RFP
2015 October Jasper Library Board Meeting
2015 September Arts Commission Board Discusses Hoosier Desk Site
2015 September Jasper Library Chooses Hoosier Desk Site
2015 September Jasper Library Board Inches Closer to Hoosier Desk
2015 September Jasper Arts Commission Board Meeting
2015 August Jasper Library to Make Offer on Hoosier Desk Site
2015 July Jasper Library Board Holding on Hoosier Desk Decision
2015 July Jasper Library Board Meets and Delays Vote on Hoosier Desk
2015 July Arts Board Continues Discussion on Hoosier Desk Building
2015 July Hoosier Desk Building Proposal Gets Refined
2015 June Jasper Arts Commission Board Meeting
2015 May Library Board Close to Making Decision
2015 April Jasper Library Board Works On Two Sites
2015 March Jasper Library Board Meeting
2015 March Jasper to Pay for Remaining Cost of Hoosier Desk Study
2015 March Jasper Arts Commission Board Meeting
2015 February Jasper Library Board and City of Jasper Meet on Hoosier Desk Building Possibility
2015 January Library Board Discusses Hoosier Desk Site
2015 January Jasper Arts Commission Board Meeting
2014 December Jasper Library Board Discusses Locations
2014 December Jasper Library Board Vets Three Sites
2014 November Jasper Dubois County Contractual Library Board Meeting
2014 October Jasper Library Board Hears Recommendations
2014 September What's Closed This Holiday Weekend?
2014 July Jasper Library Building Committee Meeting
2014 June Jasper Library Committee meets
2014 May Jasper Library Board Hears About First Building Committee Meeting
2014 May Jasper Library Board Chooses Five Community Members
2014 April Jasper Library Building Committee Begins Formation
2014 April Library Board Sends Notices on Overdue Materials
2014 March Jasper Library Board Meeting
2014 February Jasper Library Board Meeting
2014 January Could You Imagine a Library with NO Books?
2014 January Jasper Library Board Meeting
2013 December Library Board Meetings
2013 November Jasper Library Board Meeting
2013 October Library Board Long Term Planning Session
2013 September Contractual and Jasper Library Board Meetings
2013 August Jasper Library Board Meeting
2013 July Library Voice and Data Lines are Back Up
2013 June Jasper Library Board Meeting
2013 May Library Board Meetings
2013 April Jasper Library Board Meeting
2013 March Jasper Library Board Meeting

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WJTS Channel 18

Date Link to Article
2018 April 3 Library and Utility Board Hold Joint Meeting Hear Bids for Demolition of Power Plant and Hoosier Desk Building
2017 October 19 Dubois Branch Library Extends Deadline for Final Brick Orders
2018 January 11 Jasper Community Arts Commission & Library Board Cancel Tonights (sic) Meeting
2017 December 15 Jasper Library Board Discussed Further Plans for Cultural Center
2017 December 14 New Hours for the Birdseye Library Established for 2018
2017 November 20 in.form: Crisis Connection & Dubois County Libraries
2017 August 18 AMAZON Eclipse Glasses Purchased at Ferdinand Branch Library NOT Certified Safe
2017 August 12 Hoosier Hills Pledges 30,000 in Donations to Jasper LEADs
2017 August 10 in.form: Dubois County Public Libraries
2017 July 14 Jasper Public Library Board Makes Progress on Project
2017 May 30 Jasper Dubois County Contractual Public Library and Tri-State Food Bank Form Summer Food Program
2017 May 16 Old National Bank Foundation Grant to Jasper LEADs
2017 May 12 Jasper and Birdseye Libraries to Participate in Summer Food Program
2017 May 8 in.form: Give Where You Live
2017 May 3 Give Where You Live Event to be Held May 19th
2017 April 27 Library Seeks Public Input for Strategic Planning
2017 April 11 in.form: National Library Week
2017 April 4 Jasper LEADs Announces Community-Wide Campaign Day "GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE"
2017 March 20 Jasper Arts Seeking Talent for 'Give Where You Live'
2017 March 17 Jasper Public Library Events March 19 - April 14
2016 December 2 in.form: Dubois County Libraries
2016 November 22 Jasper Library to Host Upcoming Medicare Workshop
2016 November 15 German American Donates to Jasper Library
2016 November 11 Community Effort To Accomplish Jasper Library Referendum
2016 November 9 11/09/16
2016 October 14 Jasper Library Board, Fundraising & Outreach
2016 October 7 Will Read and Sing at the Astra, Saturday, Oct 8th
2016 October 5 in.form: Jasper Library Referendum
2016 September 20 Library Open Houses
2016 August 12 Strassenfest 1st-Site to Initiate Awareness for Library Referendum | Jasper Public Library Board
2016 July 15 Material Circulation Rise & Update on Referendum | Jasper Public Library
2016 May 12 Announcing The Jasper LEADs Community Campaign | City of Jasper
2016 May 12 Jasper-Dubois Library Digital Magazine & Overdrive Database
2016 May 6 in.form: Jasper Cultural Center
2016 April 18 in.form: Dubois County Library
2016 April 15 Working to Get On Voting Ballots & Informing the Public | Jasper Public Library Board Meeting
2016 March 31 Signing Option to Purchase Hoosier Desk Property | Jasper Public Library
2016 March 13 10/13/16
2016 March 2 City Properties Group! Chosen for Jasper Cultural Center Project
2016 February 24 EveryLibrary: Executive Director John Chrastka
2016 February 24 02/24/16
2016 February 12 Jasper Public Library Board Meeting: Moving Toward On Sight Interview & Professional Development
2016 January 6 Park Passes Available At Local Libraries
2016 January 6 Jasper Library Genealogy Program Thursday
2016 January 6 The Jasper Culture Center Project In Search For Private Development Partner Proposals
2015 November 6 in.form: Dubois County Libraries
2015 October 13 Jasper Library Board Working Towards Fundraising for Hoosier Desk Site
2015 October 9 in.form: Dubois County Libraries
2015 September 14 Unexpected Assist Leads Jasper Library to Choose Former Hoosier Desk Site
2015 September 14 Jasper Library Decision Looms Tonight
2015 September 11 Stage Set for Decision on Next Jasper Library Site
2015 August 14 Jasper Library Board to Lead Negotiations on Hoosier Desk Site
2015 August 11 Sterbergs Hopeful of Bright Future for Hoosier Desk Building
2015 August 4 Public Invited to America's Best Communities Celebration
2015 July 29 End Could be in Sight for Jasper Library Debate
2015 July 9 Decision on Jasper Library Site Likely to be Delayed
2015 July 7 Hoosier Desk Renovation Cost: $12.8 Million
2015 July 6 Trio of Meetings Likely to Decide Future Site for Jasper Library
2015 June 23 in.form: Summer Reading
2015 June 17 Hoosier Desk Structural Study Complete; Changes to Design Plans are Possible
2015 June 9 Library, Arts Officials Remain Optimistic Despite Structure Flaws of Hoosier Desk Building
2015 June 5 News With Bradford Raths
2015 May 11 in.form: Jasper Public Library
2015 April 10 Library Board to Look at Current Site Options Too
2015 April 10 News With Bradford Raths
2015 April 2 Council Debates Hoosier Desk Building Study
2015 March 13 Former Hosier Desk Buildings Cause for Concern, Though Study Moves Ahead
2015 February 13 City Officials, Jasper Library Board Continue Hoosier Desk Discussions
2015 January 19 in.form: Jasper Public Library
2015 January 9 Library Board Continues Discussion on Future Sites
2014 December 12 Jasper Library Narrows Down Options for Future Sites
2014 December 5 Jasper Library Board Hears More on Future Options
2014 November 7 Birdseye Library's Future Becoming More Clear
2014 November 3 in.form: Dubois County Public Libraries
2014 September 30 in.form: Jasper Public Library
2014 October 10 Jasper Library Board Gets Recommendations for Future Sites
2014 September 12 Douthitt to Retire as Library Director
2014 August 8 County Libraries Looking at Future Plans
2014 July 30 Building Committee Continues Work on Jasper Library Proposals
2014 June 23 in.form: Jasper Library
2014 June 6 Birdseye Library A Topic of Discussion Going Forward
2014 April 29 Jasper Library Has Building Committee in Place
2014 April 25 Jasper Library Board Continues Process of Finding Building Committee
2014 April 4 More Repairs for Ferdinand Library
2014 March 7 Library Patrons with Overdue Books May Face Small Claims Court
2014 February 14 Jasper Library Building Committee Discussions Continue
2014 January 10 Library Boards Organize Policies, Re-Elect Officers
2014 January 8 in.form: Dubois County Libraries
2013 December 18 in.form: Dubois County Libraries
2013 December 6 Library Board Changing Overdue Policies, Health Insurance
2013 November 20 in.form: Dubois County Libraries
2013 November 8 Library Board Continues Discussion on Healthcare
2013 October 11 Library Boards Approve 2014 Budget
2013 September 6 Library Board: 9/5
2013 August 9 Library Board: 8/8
2013 July 12 Library Board Mulling Health Insurance Future
2013 June 8 Library Board Bans Staff from Carrying Guns While on Duty
2013 May 10 Library Board Might Examine Health Care Policy
2013 April 12 Library to Hold Volunteer Appreciation Day
2013 April 5 Dubois Contractual Library Board Approves Seeking Grant
2013 February 8 Jasper & Dubois Contractual Library

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