Use of Library Grounds

Policy on Distributing Material, Canvassing, Performing, or Speaking on Library Property

The Jasper Dubois County Contractual Public Library recognizes and supports the public's rights to free speech that includes presenting speeches, distributing petitions or other information, and advocating views or positions. However, the Library also has an obligation to provide library services to the public in an environment where access and privacy are maintained and where safe and unobstructed ingress and egress to Library property is provided. Therefore, the Jasper Dubois County Contractual Public Library has established this policy to allow free speech while ensuring that the rights of others to use library facilities are not impeded.

Note: This policy pertains to the use of the Library grounds and not the inside of the Library buildings. Persons wishing to reserve a designated meeting space on Library property should refer to the Meeting Room Policy or speak with the person in charge of the Library facility they would like to use.


Approved by the Library Boards 2/2/2012