Frequently-asked Questions

Account questions

Many questions that you have about your library card account may be answered on the Account Information page under Policies page. If your question was not answered either on that page or on this page, please call one of the library locations and ask a librarian for assistance.

Q: Can I pay my library fines at any library branch?

A: Yes, you can pay fines on your account at any of our four branches.

Q: Can I use my credit/debit card to pay my library fines?

A: You can use your credit/debit card to pay your library fines. If you are at the Jasper Branch, your card will be swiped or we can read the security chip (if your card has one) to make the transaction. If you are at one of the other branches, the librarians there can call the Jasper Branch and have you give your information over the phone to process your payment.

Note: There is a $5.00 (five dollar) minimum for credit/debit card transactions.

Q: My library card is expired. How do I renew it?

A: You can renew in person or over the phone. Accounts must be in good standing before they can be renewed. All fines must be paid for before an account will be renewed.

Q: Can I renew my library card over the phone?

A: Yes, you can renew your library card over the phone unless your account has a fine on it. Please have your driver's license available when calling in to renew your card.

Q: Can I renew my library card on-line?

A: No, there is no method for renewing a library card on-line. Please visit one of our branches to renew your library card.

Q: I don't live in Dubois County. Can I still get a library card here?

A: Yes, you can get a library card at one of our four branches. Most libraries in Indiana participate in what's known as "reciprocal borrowing," which means that if you have a library card at your home library in your county, you can bring it to one of our libraries to get a card from us that is good for one year. This type of card is called a "reciprocal card." Reciprocal cards can be used at all of our locations.

If you do not have a home library or your home library does not participate in reciprocal borrowing, you can purchase a library card that is good for one year. This type of card is called a "non-resident card." The cost of a non-resident card may vary from year to year. As of 2015, the cost of a JDCPL card is $57. Non-resident cards can be purchased at any of our four branches and are usable at all of our locations.

For a list of libraries who participate in reciprocal borrowing, please click here and find your home library.

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Donation questions

Q: Can I donate books/CDs/DVDs to the library?

A: The library welcomes gifts but accepts them with the understanding that it has the right to handle or dispose of them in the best interest of the library. Your donations may go to a different branch than where you dropped them off as well. We will not guarantee that the item will be added to our collection.

Q: What happens to items I donate to the library?

A: The items are reviewed by staff and then either added to our collection or to be sold in our book sale.

Q: Are my donations of books/CDs/DVDs tax deductible?

A: The library acknowledges gifts for tax purposes, but it cannot be responsible for assessing the monetary value of gifts. If you need a receipt for gifted materials, ask at the library where you make your donation or print the "Receipt of Gift Materials" form and bring it with you when you come.

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Education questions

Q: Where can I find a tutor?

A: Many tutors have given the library their contact information and a list of what subjects they tutor as well as their fees. Click here for the list.

Q: Does the library offer GED/TASC classes?

A: The library does not offer GED/TASC classes, but we do offer on-line resources related to these tests to help you prepare.

The library also has a variety of study materials for many standardized tests. You can search our on-line catalog or ask any librarian to help you find books you can check out to help.

If you are looking for classes to take locally or for more information on testing, please contact VUJC at 1-800-809-VUJC.

Q: Can I take a GED/TASC test at the library?

A: The library itself does not register patrons to take GED/TASC testing, but we make our public computers available for patrons who are part of a GED/TASC program to have their on-line tests proctored here. For more information on test proctoring, see the library's test proctoring form or read the following question.

If you are looking for classes to take locally or for more information on testing, please contact VUJC at 1-800-809-VUJC.

Q: I have to take a class on-line, and it says that I must have a proctor. Does the library proctor tests?

A: Yes, we proctor tests Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm. Proctoring fees are $5.00 per test, which must be paid before the test will be administered. For more information, see the test proctoring form or contact the library.

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Q: Where can I get help finding a job, applying for a job, or setting up an e-mail account so I can fill out job applications on-line?

A: WorkOne Southwest, located in Jasper, is a resource for those looking for jobs and can help you with the steps you need to take to find and apply for jobs.

Q: Does the library have any job openings? Is the library taking applications?

A: The library posts job openings on their website and submits that information to local media for publishing when there are positions available. When positions are not available, the library does not accept applications or résumés.

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Library questions

Q: Can I return library materials from one branch to another branch?

A: Yes, you can drop off any materials from the Jasper, Dubois, Ferdinand, and Birdseye libraries at any of these libraries. We will check them in and send them where they need to go via our delivery service.

Q: Can I request to have a book sent from one of the other branches to my home branch?

A: Yes, we can put a request for any item from one of our libraries to be sent to your branch. We have a delivery route that runs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so when your material arrives, you will receive a phone call, e-mail, or text message (whichever option you have chosen) to let you know to come pick up your requested item. You will then have two (2) days to pick up the item.

Q: Do you have a color copier?

A: No, none of the libraries have color copy machines. The color print station at Jasper can be used for copies but is not a professional copy machine. Jasper, Dubois, and Ferdinand have black copy machines that cost 20¢ per page. Ferdinand and Dubois offer color printing from the public computers, and Jasper has a special station set up for color printing from a computer. Color prints are 50¢ per page.

Q: What hours are the libraries open?

A: Each branch is open at slightly different times, and some libraries are not open on certain days. To see the hours for one of the branches, please click on the link below or select that branch from the BRANCHES tab in the navigation bar. These pages also tell you how you can contact each branch.

Q: I lost/damaged a book, CD, etc. Can I just buy a replacement copy and give it to the library?

A: No, the library does not accept replacement copies of lost/damaged materials. Our policy is that you pay for the price of the item. This price is what the library paid to purchase it, and we charge this in order to recoup our loss. We do not charge a processing fee, but you must pay any overdue charges associated with the item.

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Meeting room questions

A copy of our Meeting Room policy is available on the Policies page. If your question was not answered either on that page or on this page, please call one of the library locations and ask a librarian for assistance.

Q: Do any of the libraries have meeting rooms available?

A: Jasper, Ferdinand, and Dubois all have meeting rooms that are available to book. For a complete list as well as rules and prices, please see the Meeting Room Policy.

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On-line resources questions

Q: How many e-books/audiobooks can I check out on-line using my library card?

A: You can check out five (5) e-books/audiobooks on OverDrive.

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