Unattended Children Policy

The Jasper-Dubois County Contractual Public Library welcomes and encourages children to use the library's facilities and services. However, the safety of young children left alone at the library can be a serious concern. When young children are left unattended* for several hours when no library programs are being offered or when the library is closing, they become vulnerable targets of abuse by others as well as bored and/or disruptive. Library staff cannot know if children are leaving the building with parents or strangers. Therefore, for the protection and well being of all children who use and enjoy our library the following policy has been adopted.

* For the purposes of this policy, unattended shall be defined as a child under the age of eight (8) left alone in any area of the Library, unaccompanied by a parent, guardian, or assigned chaperone (age 18 or over).

Approved by Library Board on October 3, 2001; revised April 2, 2003, revised October 1, 2009; revised 8/21/2018