Birth Indexes

The Jasper Public Library staff have been searching the collection of local newspapers on microfilm to find birth information. These have been indexed in the following PDF documents by the parents' last name. Each file includes the birth date, christening date (where given), the father's full name, the child's name (where given), the child's gender, and the page in the newspaper to locate the full text. By searching these indexes for particular names or dates, you will be able to easily find the full text article on the microfilm without having to scan the pages yourself. The library staff will continue to search the local newspapers on microfilm until we have indexed our collection, dating back to 1858.

You can visit the library to get a copy of the article yourself from the microfilm, or you can make a request for a staff member to create a copy by giving the information found in the index. The information on library research fees can be found here. Our reference librarian is Jill Watson, and her e-mail address is , or you may call the library at (812) 482-2712.

Year of newspaper publication:

A PDF reader program or PDF web browser plug-in is required to view these indexes. If you need to download a PDF reader, please visit Adobe ® or another website where you can download similar software or plug-ins.